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Christmas 5 reasons why you should get engaged at Christmas

Did you know that there's an engagement season? Yes! The time between Christmas and Valentine's Day is considered engagement season and for good reason. About 20% of all couples get engaged during that time and here are five reasons why you should too.

<-- New Stewart Weddings couple, Jim and Linh, got engaged in Prague

1. You're more likely to be on vacation. Some of you are work-a-holics and are

more likely to save vacation days until the end of the year. You can use this

extra time to plan a fantastic proposal and those twinkling Christmas lights are

sure to make a beautiful backdrop.

2. Sure you can propose at a restaurant or sports arena. I'm kidding. Don't ever,

ever propose at a sports arena. Proposing at Christmas time means a lot more

of your friends and family, and her or his friends and family, will also have

vacation and you can do a group proposal, a la Issac and Amy.

3. What a great excuse to dress up! If you're looking to do a surprise propose but

you also want them to be dressed up, tell them you are taking them to a

Christmas party. Then when you're down on your knee, he or she will be

camera ready.

4. Remember those vacation days?

Plan a destination proposal.

Against a beautiful backdrop like

Paris, your beloved can't help but

say yes!

5. Show off that ring! If you get engaged on Christmas eve, your betrothed can

show off that beautiful new ring to everyone Christmas morning! And who

doesn't love to show off a new piece of jewelry?

Getting engaged is the hard part. The easy part is contacting Stewart Weddings to plan your wedding.

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