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The Dunlavy - Industrial Opulent Chic

The trend for the last couple of years has been industrial chic which is industrial mixed with lots of greenery and rustic decor. But what if you're the type of bride who wants something a little more upscale, something I call industrial opulent chic (tm)? Enters The Dunlavy, a small-ish venue nestled in the heart of Houston on Buffalo Bayou.

The entire venue is covered in glass and has more chanderliers than Marie Antoinette's castle. #SwingingFromTheChanderlier

It also has a beautiful patio adorned with strings of lights and a view of Houston that will take your breath away.

It is really a great venue for a wedding between 80 and 100 guests and this is the perfect venue to showcase Houston.

Warning, there is no self parking here, valet only, and it's hard to get to, especially at night. If you choose this venue, make sure you give your guests written directions instead of having them rely on google maps.

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