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Open House Season - La Fontaine

I had the opportunity to attend the VIP by La Fontaine open house yesterday, beautiful 2 ballroom venue located in the Northwest area of Houston and is an all-inclusive venue. (Read my post on whether or not an all-inclusive venue is right for you). Even though this was my first time at their open house, I actually coordinated a wedding there, last year, #TrangandDoug. What I like about the venue is their expansive choices for centerpiece rentals, linens, chair covers, decor. They have a decor specialist that will help you pick all the items for your wedding! The fact that they allow you to provide your own alcohol to save on money is a huge plus!

A couple of things to be aware: It is in a shopping center so you'll have to share parking spaces with other businesses. It doesn't have a separate room for ceremony so there will be a room flip if you're doing both ceremony and reception on site, and the cocktail area for ballroom B is quite small so expect your guests to be super cozy. Overall, the beautiful spacious ballroom with high end decor is definitely worth a look. If you have not booked a venue, start looking for open houses right now, because it will only get harder after Open House Season!

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