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About Us

I started the company back in 2008 at the encouragement of my wonderful and supportive husband, Craig. Enlisting the help of my long time friend, Jade, the 3 person team planned and coordinated some fabulous weddings. After coordinating Helen's wedding in 2016, I realized she has a knack for wedding planning so I invited her to become the third member of the team, officially replacing Craig. Craig still helps out occasionally but I'm letting him pursue his own dreams. I love weddings and if I could marry Craig a thousand times, I would. But for now, I will help other wonderful couples have the wedding of their dreams. 

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Love Letters

As a bride on a budget (and a small control freak), I thought I should not have a wedding planner.  I entertained the idea though, because of a strong recommendation from my sister's friend.  When I first met with Linda, I knew she would be great.  She asked the important questions to find out what me and my fiance wanted from our wedding.  Looking back, we got just what we wanted!  My wedding was truly my dream wedding and I know it would not have been that way without Linda.  

     She was everything I needed at different times: a planner, a seamstress, a networker, an adviser, a therapist, a price-negotiator, a manager of other vendors, a decorator, a fill-in for my family when they were unable to attend things, etc.  She went with me to every meeting and always asked important questions to my other vendors that I would not have thought to ask.  She read over all my contracts and advised me on things to look out for.  She was ABSOLUTELY Phenomenal!  And her team was very nice and no job was too big or too small for them to handle.  

     After the wedding, my mom told me how she feels so indebted to Stewart Weddings because of all the support and excellent work they did.  Linda put me in touch with great vendors and always kept my budget in mind (which was very important to me).  She is very organized and the amount of pressure her involvement took off of me made her worth EVERY PENNY (and alot more).  Honestly, people always look at the bride when things come to the wedding, but I have to say that all the praise should go to Linda because she did a fantastic job in putting together a wedding that was an excellent representation of me and my finance and also made our parents extremely proud.  For the past couple of days, my phone has not stopped ringing with everyone saying that this was the best wedding they have been to.  It means so much to me because I was extremely price-conscious and Linda worked tirelessly to help with DIY projects and/or find excellent vendors in my price range.  When issues would arise that would freak me out, she was always very calm and immediately went to find creative solutions.  

     For anyone who thinks they have wedding planning under control or cannot afford a planner, my advice is that you don't know what you are missing.  Linda ended up saving us more money than I could have imagined and her and her team on the day-of worked so hard that it allowed me to truly enjoy my wedding and not worry about anything because I knew I was in good hands.  Linda is THE BEST wedding planner EVER!!



bride and groom shares a kiss at reception, Las Velas
bride and groom shares first dance at Kim Son ballroom

Linda helped me out with finding vendors I couldn't find on my own. She took out her time to go check out one man bands for me and record them when I couldn't be there to listen to them. She also helped me find other vendors and a great alteration lady who did such a great job on my dress. She attended the rehearsals and made sure everything was in order and that everyone understood their responsibilities.

     On the wedding day, I let all of my stress go and just relied on Linda and her team to pull everything together for me. And honestly, everything turned out perfectly. My wedding dress was at the church hung up and ready to go before I even got there. After the reception, they stayed after and made sure that everything was intact and returned to the vendors. I really didn't worry about a single thing that day which made it even more perfect.

     Linda is very pleasant to work with and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone but especially to Vietnamese brides. Thank you for everything!!!



I was referred to Linda when I realized that I would need a "day of coordinator" who also spoke Vietnamese. I contacted Linda about one month out from my wedding day. In my first meeting with Linda, she was warm and friendly. I quickly found her very easy to work with and she became my sounding board for many wedding-related items. She tried to work within my budget and she was also flexible in working around my late work schedule. She was open to meeting later in the evenings and was always responsive to my late night text messages and phone calls. I am a bit of a "control freak", but I felt Linda was receptive to my thoughts and ideas. I valued all the advice and suggestions she gave me based on her past experiences. She helped organized the timeline for the wedding day as well as, coordinated with all my vendors. 

Linda works in a team of 3-4 people and they did a fantastic job with the wedding and on working together. Before the reception, her team had to clean up the venue from the previous night's party, but they worked tirelessly to transform the room and also, tested and set up a new projector screen for our slide show. During the reception, they were able to assist our guests and communicate any issues with our parents in Vietnamese. She also kept the wedding on schedule, made sure that the groom and I both ate during dinner (eat...EAT! she would say), notified the DJ, photographer/videographer about upcoming events, her team ran out to buy more liquor when we ran out, she helped me change into my Vietnamese dress and then back into my wedding gown (no easy feat), she made sure none of the guests walked out with the centerpieces, she stayed back to tear down the venue, collected all my belongings so we could leave for the after party, and she always kept my glass filled with champagne! I could go on all day. I felt she and her team went above and beyond the call and I really could have not have survived that day without her help.


bride and groom embraced, Hotel Sorella
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